Remeber this ace cover Hannah McCague did for Vixen? Well she’s back and on board doing loads of stuff for my next album ‘Murder Came Before the Word’ - out late October on Function Records

Missed Vixen physical? Download is still free. And you’re still handsome.x

Vixen by Weikie

Remeber this ace cover Hannah McCague did for Vixen? Well she’s back and on board doing loads of stuff for my next album ‘Murder Came Before the Word’ - out late October on Function Records

Missed Vixen physical? Download is still free. And you’re still handsome.x

My four track soundtrack for Ana Stefaniak’s wonderful animated short film ‘I May Be Some Time’ is out today. With it you get exclusive access to a preview of the first minute or so of the film. You can see another preview over here .x

New album ‘Murder Came Before the Word’ drops late October. Here’s a live track of it.x

Had the pleasure of doing the soundtrack for Ana Stefaniak’s upcoming animation ‘I May be some time’- here’s the trailer :) x

Hire Production

I’m offering out production services.

Now, production’s a weird one. Everyone knows the word, and that producers exist, but what they actually do is somewhat shrouded in mystery. The normal image is of some guy behind a soundproof screen, stroking his beard and nodding, whilst occasionally pointing at things and saying ‘Yeah! More oomph!’ At least that’s what it was in my head. But since I started singing/writing/recording as Weikie and Her Name is Calla it’s become something far less nebulous to me.

Production is the art of lifting a track from its conception and ballasting it with the instruments, effects and structure it needs to recognise its full potential.

To cut to the quick and explain what I mean by this, here’s an example of a track I produced for Jinnwoo. A before and after if you will…

So, I’m hiring out my knowledge in this as a service to people who want to get their songs produced cohesively and affordably by keeping everything in one place. I offer all the usual production advice and mixing, but also instrumentation which I can record on high-quality equipment and add in-house. This includes:

- Guitar (Acoustic/Electric)

- Banjo

- Bass/Double Bass

- Piano

- Mandolin

- Synths

- Drums (sequenced but good)/Percussion

plus many more things that are strewn around my studio!

So what do I need from you to do this? Well, firstly I’d need to hear the track. My ideal way of working is to be sent high quality stems of a vocal track or two, plus some instrumental tracks, recorded separately as 16-bit wavs, but you can send as little or as much as you want. I’ll then listen to it sincerely and see what I think. It may be the case that I don’t feel I can add anything to the track, or that I think it’d be better suited to somebody else’s style. If I do think we can do something then we can start talking about what would suit, and set out some kinda plan. I will then disappear for a week or two and add instrumentation, mixing, mastering, etc and send the track back to you. We make a couple of tweaks based on your feedback and BOOM! Your track sounds awesome, we high five, everything’s great.

The cost to produce each track will depend entirely on the amount of work that needs doing. It may well be that we want to add other stuff - maybe travel around recording session musicians elsewhere, or you may even want to come to Leicester to lay down a couple of things with me - and I’ll factor all this into the pricing. I’ll do everything I can to keep costs down though, as I’m well aware of how frugal one needs to be in the music industry, and of how these things can get out of hand.

So that’s what I’m offering. Interested? Email me some stems/examples over at and we’ll see what we can figure out.

Let’s make some rad jams, yeah?

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Scott Choucino recorded me looping some bowed banjo and singing about fish.x

Anonymous said: I'll tell you something: I missed your gigs at Ireby, but I love your EP. I've just started listening to the album and Track 1 is also great. Hope you had a good weekend. Best, Martin F. ..on Soundcloud he is harmonicagod or street-corner-blues.... Listen to Bela Fleck

Aww thanks Martin! Glad you like it ^_^ was lovely meeting you both, hopefully our paths will cross again and I’ll finally get to see you guys play! Listening to your stuff now :) Will check out Bela Fleck too. Keep in touch!

Did an interview with the lovely people over at the listening post

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Quick’n dirty live version of ‘The Wasting’ from upcoming EP ‘The Sapling and the Ash’. Some still available over at for those in want.x

In the run up to my album release later this year, I’m releasing a small four track EP. The songs on this were written and recorded within four hours, so as to retain their origin and not shroud them in the lament of production. I don’t normally release content such as this, as they’re quite raw and usually just intended as personal almanacs and biographical footnotes. Upon suggestion I’ve decided to release these select few- though I’ll likely not leave them up long knowing me.

Thank you for your continued support, it means more the world to me.x

For mothers day my maaaaa asked me to do a song she likes, so here it be. My bro taking the vox this time…as he’s ace.x

Trying to get better at fiddle. Not doing great.x